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Welcome to Discover Life Church Online!
We are a church of all ages and stages, from young to old, married or single. When you visit with us you will see a variety of attire-from blue jeans to coats and ties. We want our doors to be open to everyone! When you arrive, look for a greeter or usher. They will be looking for you! Please let them know if you need any assistance or information.

Discover Life Church is a global, multicultural ministry developing followers of Jesus Christ who transform their communities.



  • The Myth and Misery of Trying To Live Balanced!

    For the longest, I use to try and live a “Balanced Life”! Juggling all responsibilities, those at church, at home, at work… please my wife, my kids, my friends, constantly trying to keep everyone happy. But of course, you guessed it… it wasn’t working and it’s not possible!

  • Who Is Jesus

      WHO IS JESUS? In a world where much of our identity and significance comes from "what we do", it's easy to have this same thought pattern as it relates to our spiritual connection with God. However, God created us as not as human doings; but human beings.

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